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Paper Packaging Printing
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  Basic parameters
  Colors  5~9
  Rewind / unwind dia.  Φ1200mm
  Printing speed  200m/min
  Printing repeat length  900 ~ 1550mm
  Printing width  1400 / 1600 / 1800 / 2000mm

 Main Feature
 ● Applicable to production of large batches color corrugated carton box.
 ● Intelligent control and use-friendly operation.
 ● Automatic register; image monitoring system.
 ● Servo drive system; close loop tension control system.
 ● Intelligent job management system.
 ● Remote diagnosis and maintenance system.
 ● Heavy duty box type pneumatic doctor blade system.
 ● High speed splice and roll change without stopping the machine.
 ● Three roller impression, ensuring the even pressure on the full web.
 ● Applicable to different types of inks, especially to water-based ink at high speed printing.


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